Staking iTokens

Astra DAO iToken staking is designed to incentivize participation unit (“iTokens”) holders. To get iToken staking rewards, holders need to keep their iTokens in an iVault.

Rewards are shared by iToken holders based on their percentage share of iToken holdings and applicable multipliers. Any iToken staking rewards need to be claimed by the user.

iToken staking rewards are covered by the liquidity mining plan, which will be updated by the DAO every three months. Every three months, a predetermined amount of ASTRADAO tokens is moved from the main treasury to the liquidity mining rewards pool.

DAO will decide the rewards allocation and essential indices can get more LM rewards than others. In the early stage, iToken will get rewards based on the TVL value in the index, and reward distribution will be dynamic based on the users' share.

The LM incentivization model applied:

  1. Flat reward

The reward is distributed evenly to all Astra DAO products. DAO can decide to send more rewards for distribution.

User flow for iToken Staking :

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