Indices Overview


One of Astra DAO’s purposes is to provide convenient and practical access to crypto-oriented investment strategies. The network's core idea is based on three groups of interest: investors (users), product creators (indices/pools creators), and the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that governs the entire Astra DAO ecosystem.

Astra DAO will use its ERC-20 native token (“ASTRADAO”) to encourage active participation, facilitate governance, and manage value aggregation and internal cash flows between users.

The following elements describe the high-level use case behind the Astra DAO network and its related products:

  • Variety of investment products Users (investors) can visit Astra DAO's website and navigate through the list of different products/indices.

  • Participation units marketplace After choosing one of the products (index), the user can buy participation units (“iTokens”) representing his or her share in the product.

  • Staking Users can also choose to buy and stake ASTRADAO tokens for additional yield.

  • Harvesting investment strategies profits Users can decide to cash out participation units in any index at any time, simply by depositing them back to the index. In return, they will receive the original deposit plus a proportional share in a profit made by the index (if the index value has increased).

  • Zero-fees user participation model No entry fees are collected from users upon buying participation units. An exit fee is collected upon cashing participation units out. The longer a user holds the participation unit, the smaller the exit fee becomes, ultimately reaching zero.

  • Join & earn A portion of the revenue will incentivize index creators to add successful investment strategies (creator’s performance fee). 80% of performance and early exit fees will go to the creator.

  • 100% redistribution of funds 16% of performance and early exit fees are fully redistributed to the Astra stakers.

  • Continuous improvement culture The DAO-managed Treasury incentivizes users by paying interest to ASTRADAO token holders and funding further network development. 4% of performance and early exit fees are sent to the treasury.

Ecosystem participants

Important participants in the Astra DAO ecosystem are stakers, users, index/pool creators, community members, contributors, and DAO members (governors and voters).

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