Astra DAO


The Astra DAO protocol is governed and upgraded by Astra DAO token-stakers using four distinct components: the ASTRADAO token, the governance module (Governor), the chef, and the timelock. Together, these contracts let the community propose, vote, and implement changes through the administrative functions of other contracts. Proposals can modify system parameters, update fees, or add entirely new functionality to the protocol.

During the first 90 days after the Astra DAO network went live, the top 100 wallets performed DAO governance. Currently, anyone can create a proposal and vote.

Community Grants Program

The Community Grants Program is a decentralized process for Astra DAO to fund community members interested in furthering Astra DAO's goals and vision. Community members with worthwhile activities that can foster the community will be welcome to submit proposals for funding. The community has gathered around as a website to submit and vote on proposals formally entered on the Astra DAO network.

Proposals may first be publicly discussed as simple pre-proposal posts on Astra DAO discussion channels, where the community issues feedback and suggestions. Once a proposal owner believes their proposal has a reasonable chance of passing, it may be officially submitted through the governance dashboard. A fee of 50,000,000 ASTRADAO tokens is staked for 6 months to submit a proposal in order to prevent spam and ensure only important proposals are submitted.

A proposal will include a description of the proposed goals, including details of work to be done and a breakdown of the requested budget. Governors (top 100 token holders) can verify their ability to cast a vote by signing a message from a governor’s wallet address. Governors can vote anytime and change their vote until the cutoff time is reached and voting stops. After voting stops, the Astra DAO governance contract executes a decentralized tally and validates all votes. Once a consensus is reached, the results are broadcast, and the budget is allocated. Only Astra DAO token holders may submit grant proposals.

Only ASTRADAO token holders can submit grant proposals. Only Astra DAO token holders may submit grant proposals. Only one proposal can be created per day.

The following diagram represents the user flow for proposal creation :

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