ASTRADAO token staking is designed to incentivize participation unit (“ASTRADAO”) holders. To get Astra DAO staking rewards, holders need to keep their tokens in an Astra DAO Vault.

A fixed number of tokens will be distributed per block to the stakers.

Staking ASTRADAO is similar to staking iTokens.

Stakers willing to withdraw tokens from the staking pool will need to go through 1 day of the cool-down period. Unstake and withdraw after the countdown time elapses. Once assets are withdrawn, the cooldown button will be reset, and users will need to activate the cool-down period again for future withdrawals.

A staking score will be used to promote the staker's loyalty over an extended period. Astra DAO staking score will be calculated as an average of Astra DAO token holdings over the last 60 days. (Please see the Staking section of this document for more detail).

Instead of transferring to a standard staking vault with no lockup, ASTRADAO tokens can be locked, meaning the staker cannot unstake them for a fixed period. Three lockups vaults are available: 6, 9, and 12 months.

User flow for ASTRADAO Staking :

User flow for ASTRADAO Unstaking :

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