Creating an Index

Astra DAO lets users/creators make a custom index pool.

Creators (you might also call them “investment managers”) will see value in the apparent possibility of adding their products/services to the Astra DAO Network.

Creators will focus on the overall adoption and recognition of the Astra DAO/ASTRADAO token. Before choosing Astra DAO as their delivery channel, these factors will be their points of consideration, as profits are highly dependent on them.

The above factors will be creators’ decisive factor — the performance fee is reasonably competitive. They can expect ease of integration, overall recognition of Astra DAO, total value locked in Astra products, active user counts, community perception, and performance fees.

Creators need to pay 5,000,000,000 ASTRADAO tokens to create an index.

Once an index is created, the creator or any index participant could create a proposal for the index to become eligible for iToken staking rewards. The process on how to create a proposal is deeply described in the Governance section. For details on how to stake iTokens, please see this document's iTokens section.

Currently, Astra DAO supports only one type of index:

  • Public Index - Users can create a custom index. Creators will manually provide details for each contract, including token details, next rebalance, and threshold amount.

The user flow for Index creation looks like follows:

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