Astra DAO

Claiming Rewards - iTokens Staking and Liquidity Mining

Astra user rewards will be shown to users and can be withdrawn anytime. But there are two ways to withdraw the Astra reward, mentioned below.
  1. 1.
    Claim 100% and re-stake in a 6 months lockup
  2. 2.
    Claim without staking for instant payout
Claim 100% and re-stake in a 6 months lockup
If the user chooses option 1, he can claim 100% of the reward but needs to re-stake that amount for six months on the Astra pool.
Claim without staking for instant payout
If option 2 is selected, the percentage of rewards will be slashed, meaning it will be redistributed to the other liquidity miners/iToken stakers on a pro-rata basis. The slashing fee will start from 90% on the 1st day of the LM/iTokens staking program, and will decrease 1% a day over 90 days until achieving 0%. If a user stakes new LM/iTokens before the 90th day, then the slashing fee will become a weighted average of the old and new LM/itokens with respect to the amount and days staked.
For example, suppose the user can withdraw 100 ASTRA on the 20th day of the liquidity mining event. In that case, 70% of the rewards are going to be redistributed to other liquidity miners. The user will get 30 ASTRA tokens — 70 will be added to other staker's claimable amounts.